Uniform Installation Services

hotel managers in hospitality uniform made to measure suit

A fully managed, on site, uniform

installation service

When you are making an investment of any kind, you want to be certain that you are getting the best level of service and product possible, whilst ensuring that your investment will give you the best possible return. This is no different when investing in your wearers uniforms.

Ensuring that they fit perfectly, will not only ascertain that all of your wearers are dressed to perfection, it will also ensure longevity of the garment lifespan. When garments are ill fitted, they will stretch and tear along seam lines, weakening the fabric and structure of the entire garment. Eventually, the garment will end before it’s intended life span, costing your business money, time and effort to replace.  

Made to measure uniforms

By utilising ATTIRE’s installation services, each of your wearers will experience our personalised, one to one, made to measure process, ensuring all elements of their uniform programme are fitted to perfection, tailored to their individual body shape. This can be done on location, with our team of seamstresses and machinery, or alternatively, prepared within our manufacturing and distribution centre, professionally packaged and returned to each wearer.

Additionally, we are on hand to build, rack and fill your in-house or onboard inventory store rooms, with continuous management of your inventory requirements.

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made to measure hospitality uniform

Save money, time and effort

Should you not require the full installation experience, we advocate the provision of fit lines for our clients, allowing each of your wearers to “try on for size” prior to placing their order, ultimately removing the time, cost and effort of receiving, returning and replacing incorrectly sized garments. 

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Welcome to ATTIRE EMEA's Uniform Installation Services page. We stand out in our industry by providing a complete uniform solution, including on-site, fully managed uniform installations. ATTIRE EMEA acknowledges the vital role that well-fitting uniforms play in the presentation and confidence of your workforce, and ultimately, in the image of your brand.

Our installation services are designed to ensure that each employee receives a perfect fit. Our experienced team of professionals can handle your entire uniform rollout. This involves taking precise measurements of your wearers and making necessary alterations to ensure the perfect fit for each individual.

Among our installation services, we tailor to your staff's uniform needs with a personalised, one-to-one, made to measure process. This involves selecting appropriate garments from our broad spectrum of off-the-shelf and custom designs to match your brand's image.

The benefits of our installation services extend beyond the fit. Proper fitting uniforms have a longer lifespan, preventing the premature wear and unnecessary replacement costs that come with ill-fitted garments. 

In addition to fitting and installing your uniforms, we provide continuous management of your inventory requirements. Our team is on-hand to build, rack, and fill your in-house or onboard inventory store rooms. This support also reduces workload, freeing your time to focus on core business operations.

For clients who may not require the full installation service, we offer fit lines. That allows your wearers to 'try on for size' before making an order, reducing the time, cost, and effort of managing returns and replacements of incorrectly sized garments.

As part of our uniform service, we are dedicated to living up to our commitment towards sustainability, ensuring that uniforms are produced and supplied conscientiously, with due consideration to environmental and social factors.

Invest in your team's image and satisfaction with our uniform installation services, and see it pay dividends in the productivity and professionalism on all levels of your business. Partner with ATTIRE EMEA today and let our expert team enhance your corporate identity through perfectly fitted uniforms.