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ATTIRE are committed to providing our clients with one complete solution, and are pleased to offer a wide selection of additional items, to support your uniform programme including mats, shoes, safety footwear and PPE. This also enables you to reduce the number of suppliers you deal with, minimising process, maximising time efficiency and consolidating shipments, allowing you to play your part in the focus on environmental welfare and sustainability.

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Welcome to ATTIRE EMEA, your comprehensive provider for top-of-the-line shoes, mats, and personal protective equipment (PPE). We understand the value of high-quality accessories in reinforcing safety, comfort, and efficiency in any workplace. Drawing on our wide-ranging experience, we're pleased to offer safety footwear, ergonomic mats, and PPE that deliver on all fronts.

Our selection of occupational footwear is second to none. We offer safety boots and shoes with protective reinforcement, along with comfortable footwear for long hours on the job. Whether it's hospitality, construction, healthcare or any other industry, our footwear selections are designed to fit your unique requirements.

In addition, we provide a range of mats that are easy-to-clean and durable, perfect for areas with high foot traffic. Our choice of mats include entrance mats, custom logo mats, anti-fatigue mats and more, designed to keep your workplace clean, professional and safe.

When it comes to PPE, we are dedicated to providing robust options that adhere to stringent safety standards. From safety headgear and high-visibility vests, to protective gloves and respiratory masks, our extensive PPE range ensures that your employees are well-equipped and well-protected at all times.

At ATTIRE EMEA, we understand that every business has distinctive needs, and offer personalisation options to match. You can opt to add your logo or brand identity on your chosen items, an effective way to promote your brand and ensure uniformity throughout your organisation.

With a commitment to environmental sustainability, we ensure our products are produced conscientiously, reflecting our dedication towards responsible business practices. When you choose ATTIRE EMEA, you're choosing top-quality products that are produced with respect to key environmental and social considerations.

Our competitive pricing makes sure high-quality shoes, mats, and PPE are accessible to all businesses. Our extensive inventory ranges from readily available styles to bespoke alternatives, meaning we are positioned to support all business needs without compromising on quality. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of shoes, mats, and PPE. Enhance safety and comfort in your workplace with ATTIRE EMEA. 

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