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We are passionate about what we do

In a world where customer service and quality appears to be diminishing, we are committed to retaining and providing good old fashioned values of exceptional service and product.

With our broad spectrum of products and services, we are suitably placed to service clients of all shapes and sizes, literally. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, and your number of wearers, we have a service model to suit all needs.

About ATTIRE EMEA and our Values   

Access the world's largest uniform stock

With access to the worlds largest stocked and ready to wear product ranges, coupled with modified and bespoke garment ranges, we can help your business portray a smart, professional appearance, whilst promoting your brand standards. And we don’t stop there. We provide all of the accessories you may possibly require, footwear, PPE, accessories, name badges, name badge engraving machines and custom floor mats.

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Complete Uniform Supply Solution

We pride ourselves on being your one complete solution, and in a time where workloads have increased, we remove the workload from your desk.

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Welcome to the ATTIRE EMEA Experience page. Here we capture the essence of our operations, and how we consistently strive to provide an unrivalled, comprehensive service to our clients. Rooted in the core values of quality, customer service, sustainability, and innovative solutions, your experience with us is sure to set a new standard in uniform procurement.

Starting from the conception stage, our experts will collaborate with you to understand your brand, ethos, and needs. This information steers our design process, subtly transmitting your brand's message through every seam and stitch in the uniforms. We offer a blend of off-the-shelf and tailor-made items to suit a wide array of requirements.

Moving on to the procurement phase, our state-of-the-art Online Ordering Portal revolutionizes the way you manage your uniform procurement. The Portal provides features such as comprehensive order history tracking, which makes keeping tabs on your past orders simpler than ever. 

Additionally, our clients are provided with an official lookbook which carries detailed insights and imagery of your uniform wardrobes. This ease of access allows you to review and distribute the lookbook to concerned parties at your convenience.

Further along, we extend our managed services to include uniform installation. Our team of professionals not only ensure that your employees are fitted correctly but that the attire is aligned with the corporate guidelines, ensuring a uniform brand message and visual consistency across the workforce.

Our services are underpinned by a robust sustainability policy. We are committed to minimalizing our environmental footprint and empowering our community. This approach not only makes us a responsible business, but it allows us to meet the growing need for sustainability among our clients.

After the uniforms have been rolled out, we remain committed to offering you exemplary service, whether in the form of support, top-ups, adjustments, or replacements. 

Partnering with ATTIRE EMEA paves the way for a seamless, enjoyable, and confidence-boosting uniform procurement experience. Connect with us today and embark on a journey towards redefining your team's image and attire.