Sustainability Policies

solar panels on gray metal frame under blue sky during daytime

ATTIRE commit to make a positive impact through our key environmental, social and governance priorities, at all times

Energy and Emissions: Reducing our overall energy use, energy intensity and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our European Distribution Centre, located in Porto, Portugal, is fully solar powered.

Water: Minimising freshwater withdrawals, reusing water and maintaining the quality of water we return to the environment at all times.

Sustainable Supply Chain: We are dedicated to maintaining an ethical supply chain, and require our vendors and contractors to conduct business in an ethical and moral manner.

Governance, Ethics and Integrity: Doing business in an honest, professional and ethical way.

Welcome to ATTIRE EMEA's Sustainability Policies page. We are proud of our commitment to making a positive impact on the world through conscientious practices in our operations. Our policies are designed to address key environmental, social, and governance considerations, reflecting our dedication to doing business sustainably and ethically.

Within the area of Energy and Emissions, we are proactive in reducing our overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Our European Distribution Centre, located in Porto, Portugal, is a prime example of this commitment—being fully solar powered.

Our Water policy's aim is towards minimising freshwater consumption, recycling water wherever possible and ensuring the quality of water we return to the environment is maintained. We recognise that water is a vital resource, and we are committed to its conservation.

Concerning our supply chain, we uphold stringent Sustainable Supply Chain policies, requiring our vendors and contractors to operate under ethical and moral guidelines. This chain of responsibility ensures that our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our immediate operations.

Moreover, we provide an uncompromising stance on Governance, Ethics, and Integrity. We prioritize transparent and ethical business practices, holding ourselves to high standards of professional conduct to ensure trust in our operations and initiatives.

On the Innovation front, we pursue the development of sustainable uniform materials and encourage collaboration with partners to foster creativity within our organisation. This mindset cultivates a cycle of continuous improvement, positioning us as a leader in sustainable practices within the uniform industry.

We understand that true sustainability goes beyond just our products - it is woven into the fabric of our operations. Our policies reflect this approach, ensuring that every aspect of what we do is examined, evaluated, and adjusted to minimise harm and maximise positive impact.

We welcome you to explore our policies in further detail to gain insight into our commitment to sustainability. Thank you for being part of our journey towards a more sustainable future in the uniform industry. With ATTIRE EMEA, you're choosing a partner committed to making a change for the better.