ATTIRE EMEA Acquires Cintas Hospitality UK

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Jenny McNamee, previously Cintas Director of Business Development for EMEA, was appointed as Managing Director in June 2020, replacing award-winning former Senior Director, Rob Pollock, now Finance Director.  Jenny and Rob have partnered together to launch ATTIRE EMEA Ltd.

Cintas Corporation were fortunate to be considered an “essential” business during the initial days, weeks, and months, of the COVID-19 global pandemic, as they supplied PPE, safety equipment and multiple services to their clients within the relevant divisions of the business enterprise. This ensured that they were able to continue to provide services to the world and their respective clients, as they navigated the front line of the pandemic.

Like all businesses worldwide, Cintas has spent the past 17 months carefully navigating its way through the global COVID-19 pandemic. As part of its plans, Cintas has carefully reviewed and considered its business focus for the future, deciding to focus solely on its North/South/Latin America business.

As a result, Cintas has divested several of their business divisions, in particular, Cintas Hospitality UK/EMEA.

This exciting news means that Cintas Hospitality UK Ltd has been acquired by ATTIRE EMEA Ltd, effective from 4th June 2021, allowing ATTIRE to continue to service their current global client base, ensuring no change or disruption to service for existing clients

ATTIRE will continue to trade under the original Cintas company registration no 8069858 and VAT registration no 144 7187 02, with all assets transferred.

Jenny McNamee and Rob Pollock are the proud new shareholders behind ATTIRE.

“We intend to continue to run the business in the same way our clients have become accustomed to, with only positive future changes as we develop, with their needs and requirements in mind.”

Jenny McNamee

As a condition of the sale, Cintas and ATTIRE have developed working agreements to continue to collaborate, servicing all corners of the globe to offer clients a truly international service, coupled with a shared product range and service offering, retaining their position as the world’s largest,  global, one-stop-shop supplier.

ATTIRE locations, including offices and distribution centres under the EMEA umbrella, in Porto, Portugal and UK, will remain the same, as will ATTIRE’s dedicated team.

Access to the Cintas product range, and beyond, will remain as it always has, as well as all elements of the services offered. 

ATTIRE is excited to take the business to the next level of product offering, service and support, with a key focus on technology, innovation and everything sustainability.

AUTHOR: Domonic Selby
PUBLISHING DATE: December 2021

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